Coastal Vascular Institute’s Amputee Clinic is a resource for amputee patients across Eastern North Carolina. The physicians of Coastal Vascular Institute have an in-house Prosthetist to provide you prosthetic care and a prosthesis. This unique close collaboration of the Physician and the Prosthetist joins together medical and prosthetic care. Our prosthetic care plan will incorporate your individual needs for a new journey through life with a prosthesis.

We invite any amputee who would like to know more about options in prosthetic care and a prosthesis to contact Coastal Vascular Institute. We urge you or your loved one to reach out and discover what Coastal Vascular Institute has to offer. Please visit our contact page for an appointment.

What to Expect at our Amputee Clinic

Our Amputee Clinic begins with an appointment with our Prosthetist for a free prosthetic consultation. The patient’s family members and loved ones are welcome. At this initial appointment, our Prosthetist will take time to answer your questions and get to know you while familiarizing himself with your specific needs and experience. Together with the Prosthetist, you will begin to design your individualized prosthetic care plan. You will leave this initial appointment with a good understanding of possible prosthetic care options that Coastal Vascular Institute has for you. You can find out more about our Prosthetist, Marc Karn, on our provider page.

A few days later you will return for your next appointment at our Amputee Clinic. At this second appointment, you are seen by one of our Vascular Surgeons and our Prosthetist together for a joint evaluation. The Surgeon will have the information gathered by the Prosthetist from the first appointment. The physician can then bring the medical side and prosthetic side of your care together to formulate a prosthetic care plan and design for a prosthesis.

Some of the Types of Prosthetic Care Offered:

  • Lightweight Artificial Limbs
  • Microprocessor controlled knees and feet
  • Elevated Vacuum Suspension Systems
  • Flexible Socket Materials


We are here to help. It is natural for you to have questions centering around amputation surgery and prosthetic options. Coastal Vascular Institute will consult with you to answer your questions and offer assistance regarding the following:

  • Which prosthetic device is right for you.
  • Insurance coverage
  • Recommendations for post-operative care and specialized physical therapy.
  • Education and support group resources for amputees from the Amputee Coalition.

A word from our clients